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Payment & Welfare Training  

Product Engineer Technology Dept.  
Bachelor, electrochemical professional or related science;
Received the basic training, FMEA, SPC, Project management system related skills, with independent development ability;
The li-ion battery industry more than two years or three years of relevant working experience.
Position statement
Responsible for new product development, with relevant departments to collect new project agreed with the customer technical information;
Responsible for new product development planning, provide the new product development schedule, to  the relevant departments to provide new product specification, sign back and follow up the specification and    the sample sign back;
Responsible for the advance of the related project, tracking and performance reporting work report;
To be responsible for the relevant engineer for new products in the production line the determination of standard working hours and update;
Hours responsible for new product development, production of new products pilot process, and organize relevant personnel to test in the relevant review;
Responsible for new product of large quantities of qualified to review relevant technical information into technical documents, issued by the relevant functional departments;
Responsible for the development of products with special needs, the existing model in the process of improvement, related process document changes;
Responsible for new product development of related communication and other work arranged by leader.

Mechanical Engineer Equipment Dept.  
Mechanical and electrical major, IC card electrician license;
Work two years in maintenance of the machine, and familiar with soft package battery automation equipment maintenance experience;
Mechanical fitter basis, mechanical equipment installation, operation, maintenance experience;
A sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong sense of team.

Management Associate  
Bachelor degree or above, major in materials, chemicals, organic polymer or related engineering major;
Excellent grades in school, graduation thesis has involved the priority of lithium-ion batteries;
Develop, promote, implement the management system; Controlling the whole process of production, ensure to complete production tasks efficiently.

Business Assistant Sales Dept.  
Age 22 to 35 years of age, good image and characteristic, character cheerful, good interpersonal and communication marketing ability;
In the lithium battery industry has more than one year sales experience is preferred;
Have the team cooperation spirit; Obey company arrangement; With unremitting work enthusiasm;
Assiduous sureness, personality right;
Fluent in English listening and writing, be responsible for the company's products overseas promotion and the establishment of the customer relationship, collect new clients information and communication, develop new customers.